PulsoSocial is a leading online publication covering entrepreneurship and technology in Latin America. Founded in 2008, we have built a brand to become one of the most trusted sources of tech news in the region.

From emerging opportunities to new trends and innovations, we cover every aspect of the digital world as it relates to Latin America. We boast an extensive network of followers and readers from around the globe, and our platform is must-read news source for entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, developers and the entire digital community.

The Crew

Jessica Mercedez

Managing Director de Pulsosocial with an advertising and communications masters from Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, in Spain. She used to work for advertising agencies like BBDO and Havas worldwide in Dominican Republic, managing the digital strategy for brands like Pepsi and Cerveza Presidente. She is also currently Program development director for Coderise.org

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Jóse Martin

Jóse is a social communicator and journalist with broad interests in digital journalism and social media management. Out of Colombia, his expertise lies in technology, business and digital content.

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Clarisa Herrera

Clarisa is a communications professional and journalist specializing in marketing, branding and media analysis. A professor of journalism and communications, her passion lies in investigating business trends and behavior. Clarisa also has experience in content editing.

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 Camila Carreño  

Based in Chile, Camila is the Associate Editor of PulsoSocial. She previously covered politics and public policy for El Murcurio and boasts extensive experience writing about digital entrepreneurship in Chile and Latin America.


Andres Barreto

Andres is a Colombian entrepreneur and the founder of PulsoSocial, Onswipe, Grooveshark and Socialatom Group.

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