The Map of Latin American World Business Insights is a tool designed to meet the needs of the current Latin American tech startup boom occuring throughout the Americas. This is an area of substantial growth for tech related industries and up until recently, there hasn’t been a way to visualize the data.

The idea is to offer a visualized map of these stellar Latin American business players, and in turn, serve as an important networking alliance for these startup companies. offers a collaborative tool for entrepreneurs, startups, investors and anyone interested in finding information on these newer tech businesses.

Over the last few years, Latin America has experienced substantial growth in the tech related fields, and these startups now receive aid from business incubators, accelerators and investment companies from all over the world. This constantly changing business panorama requires the use of a tool to help visualize the status of each of these new businesses. founders, also to contributers to Aerolab, a digital design firm founded in 2012, aims to meet this need.

The founding members of Aerolab, now using their insight into the successes of the industry and having conducted research on other existing mapped startup tools used in other countries, are using their business connections in Buenos Aires and Silicon Valley, to take on this new venture, that of mapping out Latin  tech businesses on both a local and regional level.

This new tool will allow users to navigate and visualize the local startup infrastructure of each city, offering investors and incubators important information on location, coworking areas, needed services, and funding options.

This mapping tool also has other features, beside the standard visualization of geographic location. It also offers a startup’s profile, explains its mission and  offers links to the company’s web real estate properties, such as website, social media and other important important links. works similarly to a crowdsourcing platform: anyone can load or edit the content. It’s not necessary that the founder of the startup load the information, however, a startup can ask to be recognized in a certain manner on a profile.  An uploaded information is, of course, supervised by the StartupMap management team. Any information used is verified before it goes live. has started in Buenos Aires, and the map for that area is laid out. Now, the tool is ready to start work on  other cities, in countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

The StartupMap development team also has plans on including other features in the future. These will include an employment portal, offering work opportunities at these Latin startups; as well as  a “Team” section within each startup profile. This  will gives the founding  entrepreneurs, those behind these startups, better branding and visibility opportunities.

This text has been adapted and translated from its original Spanish publication.