TraductoPro: A Localization Solution to Take Apps International

The global market is a vast one for app developers to tap into, and localization is key. Visual Frames has set out to tackle the issue with TraductoPro.

The global market is a vast one for app developers to tap into, and localization is a key factor in reaching users and consumers near and far. The Visual Frames team has set out to tackle the issue with TraductoPro.

Billed “a developer’s ultimate tool for localization,” TraductoPro is a tool designed for iOS and Mac-based apps. It allows app makers to import their iTunes Connect metadata and Xcode strings, order translations, and export translated data automatically, essentially cutting the middle man out of the translation and localization process. TraductoPro most recently released an updated version of its app – 1.2 – to render the submission process more efficient.

“We have partnered with top translation agencies to provide professional translation for up to 34 languages through our Traducto and TraductoPro apps,” explained Jules Ngambo, the founder of TraductoPro. We do not provide machine translation as this could have a negative impact on the quality of app localization and user experience. We provide three translation tiers of which the third ‘enterprise’ provides an extra proofreader.” Only the top tier entails the work of more than one linguist.

traductoproTraductoPro fields translation and localization requests for a wide array of content, including app text, press releases, marketing emails, newsletters, social media posts, web seminars, whitepapers and more.

Of course, apps are its main point of focus, as it streamlines the process of extracting, translating and reinserting localized text. TraductoPro tackles app names, descriptions, keywords and updates. “Even if there are not that many words in your app, it’s still incredibly important it is translated for the target market,” Ngambo emphasized.

TraductoPro has clients from all over the world, many of which are localizing for Latin America. The company offers translations into Brazilian Portuguese as well as European and Latin American Spanish, Ngambo adding that “for further local nuances, customers are encourage to provide context to translators, and they have the ability to communicate with the translators through our app.” It also helps Latin American developers localize their products for the U.S. and European markets.

“The key to what we are doing is to provide a quick and easy way to internationalize content and apps and manage subsequent incremental translation all in one place,” Ngambo concluded. “There is something to localize from any market to others.”