6 Things Entrepreneurs Fear Investors are Thinking When They Pitch

Pitching can be a scary thing for any entrepreneur. Here are six things you probably worry investors are thinking when you pitch.

For entrepreneurs, pitching can be a scary thing. Whether you’re center stage at a demo day, chatting up potential partners at a networking event, sending an email to get coverage from a media outlet or trying to convince investors in the boardroom, trying to explain (and sell) your product, service or idea is a very nerve-wracking but necessary part of business.

With those nerves comes a fair share of paranoia, worry and doubt. Is what I’m saying making sense? Is anyone still following me? Mr. Potential Investor keeps looking at my hair. Is there something wrong with my hair?

For all those negative-nelly entrepreneurs out there (and the uber-confident rock stars who are, every once in a while, prone to moments of doubt), we present to you a list of six things you probably fear investors are thinking when you pitch your idea.

Did he just say he’s making the next Facebook?


I don’t get it.


Of course you’re “still working on the business model.”


Didn’t I see something exactly like this the other day?


Mobile. Innovative. Big Data. Opportunity. Best. First. Any more buzz words you want to get in there?


I wonder what’s for lunch.


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