Week in Review: A Look at Some Hard Truths in LatAm Tech

A hard look at some concrete realities in LatAm tech, including the digital divide, M2M and the Internet of Things.

Last week, we took a hard look at some concrete technological realities in Latin America, including the digital divide, M2M and the Internet of Things. We also revealed some big news in investments and valuations.

Here are the top stories of the week:

Latin America and the Digital Divide

digitaldivideThe digital divide is a global reality, and Latin America is no exception – in fact, an estimated 58% of the region’s population still lacks internet access. What are the factors contributing to the digital divide in Latin America, and how can we go about closing it? This guest column from Santex examines issues like speed, internet use and infrastructure and how they play into the digital inclusion question.

With R$20M Valuation, Qranio Sets Lofty Goals for the Year Ahead

Brazil’s Qranio hasn’t quite made the 100-million-dollar valuation club, but it’s not as far off as you’d think, either. Having landed a new investment round worth R$600,000 (around US$250,000), the startup now has a valuation of R$20 million (US$8.25 million).

We checked in with the startup and its CEO, Samir Iásbeck, who let us in on what’s ahead:

We hope to experience significant growth in our user base, especially in other countries, and initiate physical operations in 10 new markets, with offices and staff responsible for key partnerships and rewards.

No Predictions: The Reality of M2M Technologies in Latin America

In recent months, the prognostics and predictions regarding the possible applications of M2M technologies in Latin America have produced more uncertainties than truths. In an interview with Daniel Ramos of Pyramid Research, we took a look at the concrete realities of M2M and the Internet of Things in the region.

robots“M2M is oriented toward industries, meaning many industries in Latin America have transformed to incorporate these types of technologies and adapt their systems of production, services, supervision and monitoring,” he told us. “The fleet management and vehicle tracking industry has been among the first to incorporate these technologies, principally due to robberies. The Brazilian government, for example, has created a law establishing that, starting this year, all locally manufactured and imported auto motives will have to have a vehicle-tracking device installed. This is cellular M2M technology.”

Kaszek Ventures Announces US$135M Second Fund: Now What?

Kaszek Ventures has raised US$135 million for its second fund, solidifying its spot as Latin America’s leading venture capital firm. While its next investment moves are impossible to predict, a few clues can be gained from looking at previous picks like Restorando, ComparaOnline and Open English.

Over Half of Companies in LatAm and Spain are Now Hiring Remotely

Over half of companies in Spain, Mexico and Colombia hire freelance professionals online. In fact, across Latin America and Spain, 51% of companies now consider themselves 3.0.

A Nubelo survey delves into the world of freelance work, identifying key advantages to hiring remotely and finding out what still has online professionals concerned.