Bilingual WOBI Delivers Insights from World’s Top Business Leaders

Getting an MBA is expensive. Gaining insights from the world’s top business leaders is priceless. And that's exactly what WOBI delivers.

Getting an MBA is expensive. Gaining insights from the world’s top business leaders is priceless. This in mind, the World of Business Ideas, WOBI, has set out to bring to the masses and unlock the knowledge held by some of the most successful business professionals in the world.

An HSM initiative, WOBI launched in 2012, unifying diverse media channels with the goal of providing actionable ideas for those shaping the business world. Through events, video, online content and print, it connects leaders and up-and-comers that innovate and create. And its content is entirely bilingual.

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Buenos Aires-based WOBI has a uniquely global appeal, something that is evidenced in its events, including the World Business Forum. It hosts conferences in essentially every corner of the globe, this year heading to Mexico City, Sydney, New York and Milan. And attendees aren’t the only ones able to reap the benefits of the information provided at such events. The entire WOBI community can gain access as well through its online portal.

Its video content goes far beyond its events. The organization has also launched WOBI TV, a channel dedicated exclusively to management. Available 24 hours a day, it features documentaries, reality shows and exclusive interviews and can be viewed across Latin America.

Another medium for the company is, of course, print – hence WOBI Magazine. Featuring interviews from leaders like Dropbox’s Drew Houston to hip hop mogul Dr. Dre, WOBI Magazine is available as a digital edition as well.

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Some of WOBI’s content is available for free – its newsletter, many of its videos and its blog. However, the full WOBI experience is available for a low annual membership fee – and thanks to PulsoSocial, that number is even lower (that’s right, we’re offering a discount).

As a premium member, you will be able to access WOBI’s entire video library, read WOBI Magazine, and access WOBI keynote speeches and events on demand. You’ll also join a growing community of business professionals and thought leaders from Latin America and all around the globe.

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