Córdoba Company Builder Incutex Opens Call for 2014 Class

Out of Córdoba, Argentina, company builder Incutex is in search of its 2014 startup class.

Thinking about accelerating in Argentina? Buenos Aires isn’t your only option. With Incutex, you can give Córdoba a try.

Marketed as Argentina’s first company builder, Incutex is on the lookout for a new set of startups to join its 2014 class. Applications will be accepted through January 31st, and the competition is tough: only three projects will be accepted.

We met Incutex last year when it opened its first call for companies. At the time, Leandro Pisaroni, Director of Operations at Incutex, reflected on the organization’s principals and prospects:

We believe in our value proposition. We believe in what we are capable of and that nothing is going to stop us from trying to do great things. Our entrepreneurial spirit won’t wait for the perfect scenario. In fact, we know that nowadays we have to work harder and be more creative, and we want to inspire people to do the same.

The six-month Incutex program provides entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to take their endeavors to the next level. The organization provides US$25,000 in funding, administrative and legal support, co-working space and tech support driven by Santex Group (a strategic ally worth noting).

Submissions are welcome from technology-based, early-stage startups – “ideally, something ‘clickable’ to show.” Projects should directly address a user need or behavior and be highly scalable, and total package teams matter as well.


“We’re experienced entrepreneurs looking to support and invest in the most passionate teams,” remarked Sofia Contreras, Marketing and PR Manager at Incutex, remarked in the call press release. “As company builders, our program is designed to enable great people to launch great scalable ideas in the shortest time possible. Our support process accelerates the route to product/market fit, profitability and success.”

As mentioned, applications for the 2014 Incutex class will be accepted through January 31st, but those interested are encouraged to get their submissions in ASAP.

“Once they apply, we begin to track the startups progress, we can get to know the team through the application updates or different types of communications,” Contreras explained. “We get better knowledge of who the members are and what they’re capable of, rather than a simple snapshot at the end of the call.  Furthermore, we estimate that about 25% of the applications come in the last day.  We can’t spend as long on those applications compared to the ones that apply early.”


You can learn more about Incutex on the organization’s website. Already set on applying? You can do so here.