Endeavor Makes First Miami Selections at 51st ISP in Dubai

Here's who from Latin America and Miami made the cut at the 51st Endeavor ISP in Dubai.

This month, Endeavor traveled all the way to Dubai for its latest International Selection Panel. There, it selected a new group of 27 high-impact entrepreneurs from 20 companies around the globe, meaning it now supports 871 entrepreneurs from 558 companies and 19 countries.

Representatives from three new Endeavor affiliates – Miami, Morocco and the UAE – made their debuts in the process at this 51st ISP. Remember that Endeavor Miami was announced less than a year ago.

“I’m thrilled about all the new Endeavor Entrepreneurs selected but particularly want to congratulate our first-ever entrepreneurs chosen from Miami, Morocco and the UAE,” commented Endeavor co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg in the selection announcement. “This panel proved once again that great high-impact entrepreneurs can be found anywhere in the world.  Endeavor can provide the right mentors, networks and access to smart capital to help these businesses reach their full potential.”

Despite the distance, a handful of Latin American companies made the trip to Dubai to take part in the 51st Endeavor ISP. Here’s who from the region made the cut – and a look at Miami’s first Endeavor entrepreneurs, too. It’s a pretty varied group.

Ozono Producciones (Argentina) – Pablo Kohlhuber, Fernando Moya. A producer and promoter of stage productions and live events in Argentina and worldwide; co-owner of the Fuerza Bruta theater company.

Sieve (Brazil) – André Massa, Felipe Salvini, Luis Vabo, Jr. A price-intelligent tool that pulls critical pricing and product information from e-commerce website using a web crawler to search thousands of websites daily.

Leonali (Mexico) – José Luis Correa Artasánchez. A company that offers ready-to-eat vegetables and packages them as kid-friendly healthy snacks, ready-made salads, prepared vegetables for soup and other meals and dishes.

Ver de Verdad (Mexico) – Hugo Moreno. A retail chain that sells quality, stylish eyeglasses and accessories to low-income consumers in Mexico.

Periscopio Media (Mexico) – José Antonio Chaurand. With four distinct magazine titles available online and in print, Periscopio Media covers subjects like contemporary art, millennial culture, professional design and urban challenges.

KidoZen (Miami) – Jesus Rodriguez. An enterprise mobile platform that provides a simple, secure, scalable middleware to integrate back-end and line of business capabilities into mobile apps.

My Ceviche  (Miami) – Roger Duarte, Sam Gorenstein. Founded in 2012 and with two locations already open, My Ceviche delivers a fresh and affordable range of ceviches, salads, tacos, burritos and stone crabs in a fast casual environment.