Qranio Takes Aim at European Market with Portugal Telecom Agreement

Brazil’s Qranio has set out with one goal in mind: to make learning fun. And through a Portugal Telecom agreement, it will take that proposal to Europe.

Combining trivia with technology, education, gamification and real-life prizes, Brazil’s Qranio has set out with one single goal in mind: to make learning fun. And with over 900,000 users across 71 countries to date, it looks like it is well on its way to accomplishing just that.

The startup has just announced a major milestone in its growth. It has signed an agreement with Portugal Telecom (PT) in a plan to take the Portuguese and larger European market by storm. Through the agreement, Qranio will rely on teams dedicated to marketing, user acquisition, sales and new partnerships for providing prizes, thus reaching an international scale. Qranio is also now available for smartphone and feature phone users alike.

“We can affirm that this news is the most important in Qranio’s history,” stated Qranio CEO Samir Iásbeck in the agreement announcement. “We are taking our mission of making learning fun all over the world, and nothing better than start by a sibling country, through the hands of one of the most respected companies in the world, Portugal Telecom. The fact we came to change the learning manner for everyone in the planet is something that makes us proud and confident.”


The cultural and linguistic ties between Brazil and Portugal render the agreement a quite logical step. However, in an e-mail to PulsoSocial, Iásbeck explained that it’s not as clear-cut as it may seem:

Even though there are many advantages with working in the same language, there are still some clear differences, as Brazilian Portuguese has significant grammatical differences from Portuguese from Portugal. Ultimately, it is of utmost importance to fully adapt to the language and particularly local jargon. Our partnership with Portugal Telecom will provide great support, as we will have all the necessary support from the largest Portuguese company.

Qranio will look to accelerate its growth by partnering with local brands in hopes of developing relationships with users more quickly. “We believe that our mechanics will adhere to all cultures, and what will differentiate us is our approach and prizes that will awaken the interests of local users,” Iásbeck affirmed.

Of course, rendering the product adequate for each new market requires a lot of legwork in terms of localization, and not just for Portugal. Currently, Qranio has a team dedicated to ensuring content in English, Portuguese (for both Brazil and Portugal) and Spanish is completely in line with local nuances and cultural expectations. It has also rolled out a new feature that allows for user-generated content and questions to be submitted.

In 2014, Qranio, a Wayra alum, hopes to reach one million users and further expand its presence around the globe.