Five Things to Know Today in LatAm Tech

Quasar unveils first project, Groupon Latam founders launch Seahorse, and the online delivery game heats up - this is what's up in LatAm tech.

The second week of December has come and gone, and despite it being such a busy time of the year, business hasn’t slowed down a bit in the LatAm tech scene. Here are the five biggest stories to come out of Latin America’s startup ecosystem last week:

Quasar Ventures Unveils First Project: Avenida, Amazon for Argentina

Up to now, mum’s been the word as to what the first project put out by Quasar Ventures would be. But last week, the company builder created by Andy Freire and Santiago Bilinkis unveiled its first endeavor: Avenida.


A sort of Amazon for Argentina, Avenida is an e-commerce platform that offers a wide variety of products, from clothing and home appliances to electronics, at a reasonable price. The announcement comes at an especially complex moment in Argentina’s economic and political landscape, and the startup team hopes to capitalize on the needs of the country’s consumers in identifying local e-commerce options.

Rocket Internet Goes After the Online Real Estate Niche with Lamudi

With Lamudi, Rocket Internet is stepping into the online real estate pool in Latin America – specifically, Mexico and Colombia (for the time being). We spoke with Vera Makarov, who’s leading the company’s efforts in Mexico, to find out more about its plans. Makarov also reflected on the evolving Latin American market:

Latin America is moving from a rental profile to a buying profile. Especially in Mexico and Colombia, both countries have made impressive efforts in giving credits for buying properties, which has given dynamism to the real estate business.

Brazilian-Born Literary Social Network Widbook Lands in the U.S.

Widbook, a.k.a. the YouTube of books, has arrived in the United States. The Brazilian startup is in the processes of setting up offices in San Francisco and attacking its primary market in full force. “The U.S. Felipe Cresciulo, head of U.S. business development at Widbook, explained. “Most of our users come from here, and we have more content from this country.”

He also outlined the company’s goals for 2014, one of which is helping a breakout author emerge from its platform.

Who’s Who in Online Food Delivery in Latin America

Hungry Latin Americans have a lot of options when it comes to ordering food online. Last week, we created a list of some of the top players in the region’s online food delivery game. While some are experiencing more mobile success, others are focused on high-end restaurants. And though some are looking to spread throughout the region as fast as they can, others are going at it city-by-city in a more focused approach.


Groupon LatAm Founders Launch Seahorse, a Private Photo Sharing App

Oskar Hjertonsson and Daniel Undurraga, formerly of Groupon Latin America fame, have relocated to San Francisco and launched a new app: Seahorse.

What is Seahorse? Essentially, it’s a video and photo sharing app for groups of friends, family members and colleagues. It allows users to upload their images in the cloud, making them available to a specific set of individuals, and is currently available for both Android and iOS.

“Now, the pictures that your friends upload are as much yours as those you’ve taken yourself,” Undurraga explained. No other platform does this besides us.”