NXTP Labs Portfolio Hits 100 Mark with Batch Five’s Sweet 16

Sixteen startups will pitch at the 5th NXTP Labs Demo Day, which will also include a celebration the accelerator's portfolio reaching 100 companies.

NXTP Labs is set to host its fifth Demo Day tomorrow, Thursday, in Buenos Aires. Starting at 7:00 p.m., the gathering will be held at the Galileo Galilei Planetarium. Sixteen startups are slated to pitch at the event, which will also include a celebration of NXTP’s milestone of reaching 100 startups in its portfolio.

With operations open in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay and co-investment initiatives in Mexico, NXTP is one of the widest-reaching startup investment entities in Latin America. It has worked with entrepreneurs from 13 countries around the globe, and 70% of its companies have gone on to receive post-acceleration funding.

In the Demo Day announcement, NXTP Labs Co-founder and Director Marta Cruz discussed a double-sided challenge for the organization – on the one hand, the constant search for top-notch entrepreneurial teams, and on the other, the need for angel investors and mentors willing to spend time and money on budding startups.


The projects composing NXTP’s current portfolio hail from a wide range of sectors, from social media to e-commerce, consumer internet, cloud computing and gaming.  The accelerator has produced its fair share of success stories to date, the most recent being budget accommodations startup WeHostels, which was acquired by StudentUniverse last month. Other NXTP notable alumni are Elo-7 acquired Bixti, 500 Startups pick Wideo, and fast-expanding Idea.me, among others.

Another major differentiator for NXTP: a US$5 million investment from the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), announced in April.

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 5th, NXTP Labs will unleash its latest batch of startups. You can register to attend the event here. In the meantime, take a look at a preview of the sweet 16 set to present:

  • Satellogic: With a plan to democratize space-based services, Satellogic enables software reconfigurable payloads for nano-satellite constellations.
  • Mi Cursada: A user-friendly platform for the creation and administration of online courses.
  • Clippate: An online buying social network designed exclusively for women.
  • Cinemad: With three business units (movies, interactivity and streaming), Cinemad helps clients boost engagement, performance and virality.
  • Tutum: A solution to manage images and run containers.
  • CottonTracks: An automated and curated record of the best content users experience on their web browsers.
  • BTCTrip: An air travel booking site using Bitcoin.
  • LatinCoin: A Bitcoin marketplace in local currencies.
  • EcomSual: An e-commerce platform that runs and operates stores across various verticals.
  • TicketHoy: A place to make same-day purchases on tickets to events, shows and concerts.
  • Tiempy: A way for users to schedule social media posts and updates for publishing at the optimal moment.
  • GameMiles: A solution designed to bridge the gap between loyalty reward programs and gaming.
  • Increase: A sort of Square for Latin America, Increase organizes merchants’ payment-transaction information in a simple, smart and secure calendar.