Made in LatAm: Five SaaS Products Changing the Way Healthcare Works

Five Latin American online software products that are transforming the industries of healthcare and medicine.

The healthcare industry is reaping the benefits of the rise of Software as a Service (SaaS) to improve medical management processes. In comparison with traditional software that requires installation and licenses, web-based SaaS products are effective and economic alternatives, requiring a very limited initial investment.

Latin America has produced a number of software products and applications in this arena, attacking different niches within the health industry as a whole. Here is a list of five leading health products developed entirely in the region:

Dentalink. Out of Chile, Dentalink is a cloud-based solution dedicated to the field of dentistry. It allows for the management of appointments, records, treatments, cash flow and earnings and also registers a clinic’s profitability. For a monthly fee, clients receive continuous support, training and free updates. Dentalink recently received a US$250,000 investment and currently operates in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and eight other countries in Latin America.

Epicrisis. Epicrisis is a virtual office for doctors, allowing them to electronically store and access the medical histories of all of their patients and access them from anywhere online. The tool, launched two years ago in Argentina, also provides health professionals with access to their appointment books and agendas.

Health iCloud. This virtual system helps medical entities, clinics, hospitals and offices to globally manage their patients’ care. It tracks appointments, tests, histories, lab results, admissions, referrals and more. Moreover, Health iCloud assists with financial and administrative management. Out of Colombia, the software can be used remotely from any browser or mobile device.

Lysis. Also from Colombia, Lysis is designed for clinical laboratories to be used as a database that streamlines information processing, storage and exchange. Because it operates in the cloud, Lysis does not require any additional equipment. It offers training and 24/7 technical support to ensure proper functioning and provides constant updates and improvements.

Medical App. Available on the web and through an app for iPad, this system allows doctors to consult the information of all of their patients and appointments anywhere, anytime. Physicians may register and consult general data on their patients, like medical examinations, allergies, images, appointments and histories, as well as diagnoses and suggested treatments. Medical App permits the visualization of appointments by day, week and month. Created in Mexico, the software is already available in eight countries in Latin America.

Do you know a healthcare software or product that should be added to this list?

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This text has been adapted and translated by Emily Stewart from its original Spanish publication.