India’s CouponDunia Launches CupomWorld in Brazil

From one BRIC country to another: CouponDunia, a leading coupon code startup out of India, has set its sights on Brazil with CupomWorld.

From one BRIC country to another: CouponDunia, a leading coupon code startup out of India, has set its sights on Brazil. The company recently launched CupomWorld, a local platform that serves as a free resource for discount coupon codes for Brazilian online shoppers.

Looking to tap into Brazil’s booming e-commerce market, CouponDunia has hired a dedicated team of coupon editors to deliver local consumers deals on a wide range of products, from fashion and apparel to books and electronics. It offers coupons from top brands like Dafiti, Walmart and Netshoes, increasing sales for retailers and offering consumers a smarter way to shop.

cupomCouponDunia hopes to replicate in Brazil the success it has experienced in India, where it launched in 2011. Today, it has more than one million unique visits each month, who can find coupons from 1,200 online retailers. CouponDunia has also launched coupon code sites in Turkey, Poland and Indonesia.

We reached out to Sameer Parwani, CEO of CouponDunia Media, to learn more about CupomWorld and why the company is targeting Brazil now.

Emily Stewart: Brazil is a big market, but it’s also very hard to get into. What made you decide that the challenges are worth it?

Sameer Parwani, CEO of CouponDunia Media.
Sameer Parwani, CEO of CouponDunia Media.

Sameer Parwani: In terms of online presence, Brazil has the sixth largest internet audience in the world and the biggest in Latin America, with the 25-44 age group engaged online for 20 hours a week. Approximately 131 million Brazilian internet online users access the internet every day to socialize and purchase various services and products online. Visits to online retail sites are increasing yearly. We find these to be very favorable conditions to the market despite the challenges. Plus, we feel consumers everywhere appreciate saving money so are optimistic about our chances.

ES: Who would say your biggest competitors are locally, and what do you think sets you apart?

SP: There are few other Brazilian coupon code sites, but none have established themselves as a market leader. We think in time we can reach this position. What sets us apart is our emphasis on two crucial things: quality content and site usability. Each and every coupon code is tested and verified daily by our expert team. Our design is a clean template with simple features. Online shoppers can save money in just four clicks with our user friendly interface.

We believe in a systematic approach to grow in a sustainable fashion. Our success in the Indian market helped us test processes and tweak them as per Brazilian requirements. For any first time coupon code publisher, it takes time to establish a working framework. One requires a dedicated team working on all aspects of the website. Fortunately, we have teams in India and Brazil working together 24/7.

ES: What specificity have you noticed about Brazilian consumers so far? How do they act differently than the consumers in your other markets?

SP: We have found that, in Brazil, consumers are still getting used to the concept of discount coupons. Traditionally, discounts did not require a coupon. So it’s a bit of an education process with Brazilian consumers. But we are seeing that once they learn how couponing works, Brazilians are eager to return to our site. They are big fans of saving money.