Milestone Alert: StartMeApp Launches Mobile RTB Exchange

StartMeApp is launching its Mobile RTB Exchange today, marking an important milestone in Latin America's mobile advertising market.

StartMeApp is launching its Mobile RTB Exchange today. It will connect advertisers, agencies, trading desks, publishers and networks all over the globe in real-time, marking an important milestone in Latin America’s mobile advertising market.

How does it work? The platform transforms StartMeApp’s mobile ad network into a real-time auction place, allowing advertisers, agencies and demand-side platforms to automatically place bids for mobile content. It connects with international ad networks as well as those in Latin America, marking an unprecedented opportunity to tap into the regional market.

What renders this launch especially notable is the fact that StartMeApp is the first Latin American ad network to operate its own proprietary RTB platform. Most of the company’s competitors have seats on global exchanges (meaning they can bid), but few can serve up Latin America’s mobile content on these exchanges – now, StartMeApp can.

“StartMeApp is very pleased to present our new Mobile RTB Exchange platform to the global mobile advertising community, providing competitive real-time bidding on mobile content inventory worldwide while offering advertisers first-time-ever direct access on an RTB auction platform to Latin American mobile media buying,” remarked StartMeApp co-founder Alejandro Campos Carles in the launch announcement.

Gaston Fonzo, Campos Carles’ partner at the company, added:

StartMeApp’s strong relationships with leading LatAm and global mobile content publishers, combined with the ad-serving capabilities of our own high-frequency demand-side platform (DSP), uniquely positions StartMeApp to serve global brands and agencies that seek to tap into Latin America’s expanding mobile advertising market through StartMeApp’s new Mobile RTB Exchange platform.

StartMeApp Mobile RTB Exchange_ecosystem

The StartMeApp Mobile RTB Exchange is an automated, real-time auction platform that lets advertisers and sellers arrive at immediate agreements on the value of ad impressions corresponding to mobile content served over mobile and wireless networks to consumers. It serves mobile ads in 120 countries across five continents, delivery 30 billion monthly impressions around the globe.

It’s been a big year for StartMeApp. The Buenos Aires-born startup moved its headquarters to London at the start of the year, after which it embarked on a five-city mobile ad seminar and announced a string of new hires.  Most recently, it acquired digital advertising trade desk AdNubo.