itBAF Sets the Date for BlackBerry-Themed Demo Day

Buenos Aires-based itBAF is getting ready for another Demo Day. Get the details.

Buenos Aires-based itBAF is getting ready for another Demo Day. On Wednesday, November 27th, the accelerator will unleash its latest batch of projects.

The startups participated in the eight-week itBAF techangels program. The search for projects started back in July, when we spoke with itBAF CEO Juan Ozcoidi, who told us:

We’re interesting in creating companies driven by capable people with innovative, high-value products, supported by concrete and sustainable business models.

This latest itBAF program had a special twist with the involvement of BlackBerry. Teams were encouraged to build apps for the mobile platform as part of the BlackBerry Challenge and were provided office space in the BlackBerry Innovation Center to develop their projects. The winners of the challenge, to be announced at DemoDay, will receive AR$15,000 (around US$2,750) as well as a GlobalLogic workshop.

It’s worth noting that the 2013 itBAF techangels program was also completely free of charge for participants. Moreover, absolutely no equity was taken.

As mentioned, the 2013 itBAF techangels Demo Day will take place on Wednesday, November 27th at Areatres Labs in Buenos Aires. Register to attend here, and in the meantime, take a look at who’s presenting:

  • Widow Games: A videogames company specialized in bringing classic board games to mobile platforms and PCs.
  • AllShoppings: A mobile app that gathers all the offers and discounts available in Latin America’s shopping centers.
  • Nokter: An online nightlife planning guide for mobile and the web.
  • Alquimia: A network of apps for local tourism.
  • Radio Punto Cero: A digital media that complements news portals, online radio and graphic media.
  • SoloChanguitas: A marketplace for temporary and per-hour employment.
  • FlexTracker: A preventative medicine platform where medical data is integrated to predict potential illnesses.
  • The Book Trader: A mobile application that facilitates and centralizes book searches across all e-commerce platforms.