Endeavor Continues to Make an Impact in Latin America

Endeavor is at it again in Latin America, making waves throughout the region with ISPs, launches, research and more.

Endeavor is at it again in Latin America, making waves throughout the region with ISPs, launches, research and more.

Last month, the organization completed another round of international selection panels, choosing a new group of 26 entrepreneurs from 16 companies to join its ranks.

This latest ISP, the 50th in the history of Endeavor, was held last month in the heart of global innovation: Palo Alto, California. It gathered panelists from 10 countries to evaluate candidates in selecting the latest generation of high-impact entrepreneurs.

“We originally started Endeavor to bring some of the Silicon Valley magic to the far corners of the world,” said Endeavor co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg when the announcement was made. “It’s gratifying to bring some of the entrepreneurial magic we have discovered in those regions back to the Valley for a special sort of mash up.”

Latin American entrepreneurs and companies fared quite well at the 50th Endeavor ISP. Here’s who made the cut:

Vanesa Duran Joyas (Argentina) – Vanesa Duran. A multi-million-dollar jewelry company that leverages a direct selling model that empowers women and provides access to quality products for lower-income consumers.

Impacto Protensão (Brazil) – Joaquim Caracas. Impacto develops reusable, sustainable and easily-to-assemble construction products using an innovative technology called post-tensioning.

Bebê Store (Brazil) – Leonardo Simão. A Brazilian e-commerce giant for all things babies, Bebê Store provides parents with a wide selection of products for the littlest members of their families.

International Quality Systems (Chile) – Eduardo Cretier. International Quality Systems (IQS) saves industrial companies diagnoses and eliminates static equipment failures in large-scale production processes, predominately in the pulp and paper industry.

Prodalysa (Chile) – Javier Sainz, John Alarcon. Prodalysa extracts a 100% natural sugar alternative from stevia plants.

Bunny Inc. (Colombia)Alex Torrenegra, Tania Zapata. Dedicated to the voice casting market, Bunny Inc. Has set out to disrupt the way voice actors and buyers connect through its online platforms, VoiceBunny and Voice 123.

SIIGO (Colombia) – Ricardo Ortiz, David Ortiz. SIIGO has built a financial, accounting and management software that enables small businesses to better manage financial information and increase efficiencies while at the same time minimizing costs.

Clínicas del Azúcar (Mexico) – Javier Lozano, Fernanda Zorilla. Clínicas del Azúcar offers specialized and affordable diabetes care to lower-income patients.

Yaxi (Mexico) – José Akles, Sebastián Barrios. Move over Easy Taxi. Yaxi is a taxi hailing app for iPhone an Android in Mexico City that connects passengers with taxis that are secure, comfortable and well-equipped.

Parquimóvil (Mexico) – Carlos M. Anaya Rodriguez. Parquimóvil is a virtual parking registration system distributed through mobile phones and authorized retailers.

Barared (Mexico) – Barared provides Mexico’s lower classes with access to essential services like mobile phone top-ups and bank transactions via kiosks in local shops and stores.

Grupo Archipielago (Mexico) – José Islas, José Bezaury, Antonio Vilches. Grupo Archipielago offers unique, alternative experiences across numerous restaurants and bars.

What Else Endeavor’s Got Cooking in LatAm

Given its California location, it’s no surprise that the 50th Endeavor ISP was a Mexico-heavy event. But that’s not the only thing the organization’s got going in the country – or region.

At the end of October, the Endeavor Investor Network officially launched in Mexico, celebrating its landing with an event for top investors and entrepreneurs from the country and around the globe.

The event highlighted case studies from some of Endeavor’s top Mexican entrepreneurs and also featured a discussion panel on the ins and outs of doing business in Mexico. During the same week, Endeavor announced the identities of nine local investment firms that will join its network: Alta Ventures, Angel Ventures Mexico, Capital InventMx, Founders into Funders, GBM Global, Latin Idea Ventures, Naranya Ventures, PC Capital and Venture Partners.

Endeavor also put the spotlight on Colombia recently with a new study mapping out the tech ecosystem in Bogotá. Researchers identified connections between over 230 tech companies and also made the following findings:

  • Over 90 Bogotá tech entrepreneurs have founded more than one company.
  • Companies operating for three or more years are growing at a rate of 20% per year or more.
  • Mentorship and investment remain limited and therefore are obstacles for growth.
  • Bogotá suffers from the same issue most of Latin America’s tech hubs face: it still hasn’t produced a huge success.