IBOPE E-Commerce: Brazilian Men Outpurchased Women Online During First Half of the Year

New entity IBOPE e-commerce has released initial data gathered on consumer behavior and trends in e-commerce in Brazil.

During the month of August, 61% of Brazilian internet users accessed e-commerce sites, spending an average of nearly an hour browsing. These are among the first pieces of data to emerge from the new e-commerce division of the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics, IBOPE.

IBOPE e-commerce also found that mobile expansion is a major driver of e-commerce growth in Brazil. Alexandre Crivellaro, CEO of IBOPE e-commerce, explained:

Devices like smartphones and tablets already represent 65% and 34%, respectively, of the apparatuses also used to search for information on e-commerce products and services in the country.

The organization’s research revealed that it is men and not women who have been buying the most online this year – albeit just barely. Men were responsible for 51% of transactions during the first semester of 2013. And while Brazil’s C Class – the rising middle class – is increasing its online retail prowess, the higher classes are still the top buyers. The country’s AB Class made 64% of purchases on the web.

What are Brazilians buying? From January to June, these were the most popular categories:

  • Culture – 26%
  • Clothes & Footwear – 15%
  • IT – 7%

Brazilians spent the most on electronics – an average R$1,263 (approximately US$580) per purchase.