New TedCas Integration Brings Touch-Free 3D Motion Control to Doctors

Wayra's TedCas has today announced its integration with the LeapMotion Controller to bring touch-free 3D motion control to operating rooms around the globe.

Earlier this month, we asked whether Chile would be the birthplace of the next big thing in health technology. And today, we’ve got another proposal: Spain.

This time around, it’s Navarra-based TedCas that’s making waves. Dedicated to revolutionizing the access to and handling of medical information within sterile healthcare environments, TedCas provides natural user interfaces based on optoelectronic devices so that physicians may access digital information and images from patients in real time, touch-free. TedCas is a Wayra company.

TedCas has today announced its integration with the LeapMotion Controller, which allows users to interact with their computers through natural hand and figure movements in the air. The Leap Motion Controller works with computers running Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8 as well as Windows 7 and 8.

The integrated TedCas software brings touch-free 3D motion control to doctors. It is currently under trial in six hospitals and two medical research centers around the world, including facilities in Spain, Ireland, the United States and, in Latin America, Argentina and Chile.

Dan Grill, Head of Enterprise Sales for Leap Motion, commented on the technology’s potential:

TedCas integrating Leap Motion for use in operating rooms is a powerful demonstration of our motion control technology. The precision, responsiveness and touch-free input available with Leap Motion and TedCas make it an ideal solution for surgeons during medical procedures.

“Today’s surgeons have grown up with computer games and regularly use advanced interfaces. Touch screens, voice control and intelligent feedback are commonplace in consumer products – and medical professionals want them in their professional arena too,” remarked Simon Karger, Associate Director of Surgical and Interventional Devices at Cambridge, adding:

But control interfaces that work in the operating theatre – giving the surgeon control while maintaining their sterility – have always been a challenge. The latest wave of new technologies – like touchless interfaces, gesture control, etc. – have the potential to change this, finally bringing 21st century technology to the hand of the surgeon.

See TedCas with Leap Motion in action below:


When it comes to high-potential in health technology, TedCas certainly stands to make an impact. Just yesterday, the startup was chosen along with 13 other companies to form part of Cleveland accelerator StartUp Health‘s next class. The TedCas will now embark on a three-year mentorship program to turn their budding startup into a sustainable business.