Health Tech in Chile, Online Video in LatAm: In Case You Missed It

We’re now in the fourth quarter of the year – the last stretch of 2013. Gauging by what’s happened in just the first week of Q4, we can expect big things from the weeks and months to come.

Start your week off catching up on the biggest stories to come out of Latin American tech so far this month:

Sinimanes – SeMeAntoja Merger: A Plan to Lead LatAm Sans Brazil?

“Time to market is getting shorter with the competition, and we consider that being leaders in Mexico and Argentina is like being leaders in Brazil, the market of which is crowded with competition,” remarked Tomás Manzitti, Co-founder of Sinimanes, providing insight into the strategy behind the Argentine startup’s recent merger with SeMeAntoja. Manzitti talked with PulsoSocial about the details of the deal as well as his mobile hopes and the competition.

Habitissimo: A Spanish Service Marketplace on the Ground in LatAm

Based in Spain, Habitissimo is a marketplace that connects homeowners with residential contractors, architects and interior designers. It was also the only Spanish company to take part in this year’s Latin American leg of Geeks on a Plane. Habitissimo operates in four Latin American markets – Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Chile – while keeping all operations in Spain. Habitissimo CEO Jordi Ber offered up an interesting observation of the company’s Brazilian customers:

The level of participation is greater, especially in Brazil. They’re more vocal, they give you more suggestions on how to improve the service. They participate and talk more with you than Europeans.

MercadoLibre’s Daniel Rabinovich: “We want to create an ecosystem of successful companies around us”

MercadoLibre is Latin America’s greatest startup success story, and having recently ventured into the investment realm, it has become an even more prevalent player. “What we want is an ecosystem of successful companies surrounding our open platform,” explained Daniel Rabinovich, MercadoLibre CTO, in an interview with Clarisa Herrera. He also discussed the strategy behind co-investing with accelerators like Wayra and revealed that nearly 10% of the company’s transactions come from mobile devices across the region.

With Million-Dollar Investment, GoPlaceIt Sets Out to Conquer Online Real Estate in LatAm

Last November, GoPlaceIt launched its beta version in Chile with a slogan clearly outlining its proposal: “Don’t look for properties, let them find you.” Since that time, the online real estate platform has rolled out into Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela and has picked up a million-dollar investment to continue to consolidate its position across the region.

Just How Much Online Video is Latin America Watching?

During the month of August, 95% of Argentina’s internet population watched a video online. And in Brazil, viewers watched an average 166 videos each. This and more data emerged from a comScore analysis of online video activities in Latin America, released last week. The conclusion: if you want to reach consumers in Latin America, online video is a good way to do it.

Will the Next Big Thing in Health Technology Come Out of Chile?

In a word, yes. Or at least it could. We met three Start-Up Chile companies with the potential to make a huge impact by way of innovation in the health tech realm: AugMI Labs, the creator of a vital signs detecting glove, Pace4Life, an NGO delivering used pacemakers to the developing world, and Medko, a platform that connects patients with doctors in Latin America.