Hellofood Takes Over Peixe Urbano Delivery to Pick Off Another Competitor in Brazil

Hellofood is continuing its Brazilian shopping spree, having made three acquisitions in four weeks.

Hellofood is continuing its Brazilian shopping spree. It’s already swallowed up Jánamesa and MegaMenu, and now it’s announced a pretty intriguing takeover – Peixe Urbano Delivery.

Peixe Urbano launched its delivery platform in Rio de Janeiro in August of last year. While the service has grown, it apparently hasn’t done so fast enough, considering the decision to sell it off. Leticia Leite, Director of Communications at Peixe Urbano Delivery, reflected:

Although Peixe Urbano Delivery would constantly increase its business, this is an operation that requires a long time of maturation. The sale of our operations to a company that specialized in online delivery will empower business growth and bring more options to the users of the service.

The operation marks Hellofood’s third Brazilian acquisition in just four weeks. It now offers consumers access to over 2,000 restaurants throughout Brazil.

hellofood1“We are very proud to complete this takeover with Peixe Urbano Delivery,” remarked Emerson Calegaretti, Founder and Co-CEO of Hellofood Brazil. “They are a pioneer in their business sector and have a respected brand that in a few months of operating already reached a very strong position in the Brazilian market. We are bullish regarding Brazil as we have now the largest portfolio of partner restaurants of one of our operating countries.”

Ralf Wenzel, Global Managing Director Hellofood and Foodpanda (its sister operation), added:

With this third acquisition in just four weeks, we consolidated our position in Brazil. Now we are one of the market leaders, offering the largest amount of restaurants to our customers. Our plan is to stay here and these recent three takeovers are a proof of our resolution. We will not stop here and we’ll be always looking into great opportunities.

Rocket Internet, the force behind Hellofood, certainly doesn’t fall short when it comes to aggression – something that’s reflected in its approach with the startup in Brazil. It is worth noting, however, that Rocket has yet to produce an astounding success (and, thus, assure returns in its billion-dollar backing). It looks as though it is making a push for Hellofood to be among its first.