A Note to Local Businesses: It’s Time to Get Moving on Mobile

Not sure you need to get your business mobile-ready? Think again. Of the 30 billion mobile searches made annually, 12 billion are local.

Not sure you need to get your business mobile-ready? Think again. Of the 30 billion mobile searches made annually, 12 billion are local. What’s more, 70% of smartphone users connect with businesses when seeking local information.

An infographic released by Marketing Exchange takes a deep look at the subject of mobile search and why it matters for businesses. The conclusion: local businesses have got to be online – and go mobile.

An Online Overview

Nearly all consumers (97%) search for local businesses online, and 67% of searches are affected by specified locations.

What are users doing after searching?

Nearly half are picking up the phone. Others are writing or reading reviews or making recommendations. Many are heading straight to the business (51%), and about the same amount are visiting the website.

Sales-wise, local searches have quite the impact. After doing a local search, 29% of users make an in-store purchase, and 24% buy online.

Mobile Takes Over

As to the smartphone community, 90% of smartphone users go online with their phones daily, and over half of users in the U.S. use their phones to for local searches on a daily or weekly basis. Nearly half of mobile searches are goal-oriented and are conducted to help make decisions.

Overall, 42% of mobile users report having purchased a product or service with a phone, and 40% have used online or mobile coupons for shopping. Moreover, smartphone users are purchasing more often – most buy at least once per week.

Though mobile search trends are on the up-and-up, a number of issues still need to be addressed – so businesses, sit up and pay attention:

  • 40% of smartphone users go to another result if the site they’ve landed on isn’t mobile friendly.
  • 60% expect a mobile site to load in under three seconds.
  • 46% are unlikely to return to a site they can’t access from their phones.
  • 34% would visit a competitor’s site instead.


Eye on LatAm

While Latin America is lagging behind more developed markets like the U.S. in terms of smartphone penetration and use, it’s not at the bottom of the barrel, either.

Mobile commerce is on the rise in the region, and interest is growing. According to an Ericsson ConsumerLab report, 74% of Latin Americans who don’t yet use m-commerce are interested in doing so. Security concerns remain a major roadblock, representing a significant obstacle towards converting search results into purchases.

Latin America’s challenges and potential aside, take a look at the full Marketing Exchange infographic below: