Wayra Preps for International Demo Day Hat-Trick

With 14 academies in 12 countries, Telefónica accelerator Wayra boasts an exceptionally global reach. And come November, it will reap the benefits of it with its second annual international demo day.

Wayra hosted its first international demo event in December of last year during Innovate MIA, a 10-day celebration of Miami tech. This time around, the event’s being amped up and will be held simultaneously in three different cities.

Wayra Global demoDay 2013 will take place on November 14th in three – that’s right, three – different cities: San Francisco, São Paulo and London. Facilitated by Bloomberg Tradebook, the event will be 100% interactive across all three locales, offering the possibility of exchanges and remote questions.

Gonzalo Martín Villa, CEO of Wayra, commented on this new approach:

This new format of three venues enables us to showcase the global spirit which is at the heart of Wayra. We believe that the chosen cities, vibrant hubs of technology, talent and innovation, are a true reflection of our position as an international accelerator. In this way, we will offer the investment community excellent opportunities for their portfolios, very carefully selected for each region and market. As a complement to our natural presence in Latin America and Europe, we will also bring our startups to Silicon Valley, supported by the experience of Telefónica Ventures.

About 15 Wayra startups will be selected to present at the international demo day, representing a wide range of markets, models and maturities. The event promises a balance of its companies, showcasing all it has to offer for a select group of private investors and VCs.

The list of startups selected to take part in Wayra Global demoDay 2013 has yet to be revealed. The accelerator has promised to make the official announcement of who will be presenting in the coming weeks. And it’s certainly got a big group to pick from, considering that it has invested in over 260 startups to date.