Portal Maps Out Brazil’s Ecosystem, One Startup – and Student – at a Time

Cultivating a startup ecosystem takes a lot of legwork. Not only does it involve building a community, but it entails keeping all of its parts connected, too. Such is the proposal of Portal Startups Brasil, a portal launched to map out Brazil’s ecosystem.

The initiative’s main focus is on connecting university students and recent grads with opportunities in the startup realm. It has been founded on the belief that startups provide an ideal environment for young professionals to acquire knowledge and experience, giving them the freedom to think outside the box and innovate.

portal1“It is a unique and irreplaceable complement to one’s experience and resume,” the portal’s release reads. “Remember that companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo and eBay were also startups, created by young people with innovative ideas, and today are the highest valued companies in the global market.”

For companies, Portal Startups Brasil is a chance to tap into emerging talent from top technical universities. It also helps them to fill positions for which very few candidates are qualified.

Currently, the portal has registered and localized over 700 startups, rendering it the most complete map of the Brazilian startup ecosystem to date. It is now seeking to increase its base of high-potential students, graduates and professionals. Moreover, it is rolling out a map of universities, the idea being to help students find institutions and get useful tips for applying and being accepted.

Startups for Startups, a Key Part of Building the Ecosystem

Companies designed to address the needs of the startup scene itself are essential in cultivating a truly complete ecosystem, and Portal Startups Brasil isn’t the first to do so.

Another Brazilian example is Oficialize, a 21212-accelerated startup that helps entrepreneurs get through the red tape and paperwork involved in setting up a business in Brazil.

And regionally, one initiative with a proposal that is quite similar to that of Portal Startups Brasil is Redguru. Launched in November of last year with the goal of mapping out Latin America’s entire tech ecosystem, the company was just selected to accelerate with Wayra in Argentina.