Papaya Ventures Announces Mobile B2B Picks

Papaya Ventures has selected its second batch of startups for acceleration. The organization kicked off its latest program, themed Mobile B2B, in Rio de Janeiro yesterday – and surprise, one of the companies selected is from Spain.

This time around, Papaya received over 500 submissions for its program, applications coming in through both its own portal and via Start-Up Brasil. The team selected what viewed as the most mature projects to join the program. Aloisio Moraes, Operations Manager at Papaya Ventures, commented:

We selected these five startups along with our mentors. We analyzed each proposal deeply and what they, in fact, represent for big companies, but what was most important to us was the analysis of the teams. At Papaya, we place a lot of value on teams that are complete and qualified, and that’s what we found in the startups of this second cycle.

This time around, Papaya has redesigned a bit of its methodologies in order to adjust them more specifically to corporations and the B2B realm. It’s also brought on new partners to work with its startups, including InterShop and B2W, which will join existing partners Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.

Three of the startups selected are part of the Start-Up Brasil program, and two have been chosen by Papaya only. Meet the newest Papaya Ventures companies here:

Trackmob: A solution for managing and monitoring external sales teams. Through the Trackmob app, managers can track and locate their teams in real time and generate reports on activities and clients visited. (Papaya)

brESTATE: An app for the real estate sector that offers solutions that assist brokers directly in optimizing management processes. Its toolset is based in the cloud. (Papaya)

Fitboo: Out of Spain, Fitboo takes a mobile, personalized approach to fitness. It connects mobile users with gyms and fitness classes nearby and allows them to sign up simultaneously. For gyms, it’s an opportunity to bring in new clients and fill empty spots in classes. (Start-Up Brasil)

Pega Plantão: A staffing solution for the medical field. Through the app, doctors, hospitals and clinics can connect to fill open shifts, bringing down management costs and ensuring a full staff. (Start-Up Brasil)

Totem Store: A mobile app to optimize the marketing and sale of customizable product offered by small retailers at the point of sale. Through the tablet app, consumers can consult the retailer’s catalog and customize the products they wish to buy. (Start-Up Brasil)