Chilean Women Entrepreneurs Hit the Streets in Silicon Valley

Fifteen Chilean women entrepreneurs are traveling to Silicon Valley this week to experience life in the world’s leading tech hub firsthand. They’ll visit top companies, entrepreneurs and investors as part of a joint initiative organized by Capital Magazine, Telefónica Chile and BSTinnovation, the Women Business & Innovation Trip.

The trip (the second of its kind) will provide Chilean women with entrepreneurial aspirations an opportunity to get a feel for Silicon Valley and gain valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship, technology startups and investment. The group will meet with representatives from Google, Facebook, Indiegogo, Springboard Enterprises and Singularity University, among other entities, and have the opportunity to network with U.S. investors.

Chile is one of the most favorable markets for women entrepreneurs in Latin America, and this initiative seeks to improve conditions even more. Barbara Silva, trip organizer, BSTinnovation Founder and Singularity University alumnus, remarked:

Chile is a country that excels in providing us, women, with an environment of increasing recognition to our innovative ideas in regards to business, entrepreneurship and economic development. Our participation in this trip shows that we are at a level in which we can meet with some of the top technology organizations in the world, and we’re glad to have our country’s support.

This trip is one of many initiatives derived in Chile to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the country by connecting with entities and individuals from abroad. ContactChile, which helps Chilean businesses establish themselves in other markets, and internationally-acclaimed acceleration program Start-Up Chile, have been designed to accomplish similar goals.

Francisco Correa, Trade Commissioner of trip co-sponsor ProChile, reflected on the country’s efforts in driving innovation overall:

We have embarked on an aggressive agenda to promote innovation and entrepreneurship to foster a vibrant business environment within our country that also attracts investors from other nations. The world rankings and EIU’s report show how well we have been able to position ourselves through hard work, and this group of women entrepreneurs embodies the leaders that we want to continue to shape so that they help us to make our country even better and stronger.

The Women Business & Innovation Trip isn’t the only Chilean initiative specifically designed for women in the works right now. Link, a new acceleration program, launched in July. Chile’s first accelerator focused exclusively on women, the organization is expected to reveal the first batch of entrepreneurs selected soon.