[Video] PayPal’s Jonathan LeBlanc on Data, Personalization and the Blurring Lines of Commerce

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At the start of the month, Jonathan LeBlanc, Principal Developer Evangelist at PayPal, gave a lecture in Mexico City. There, he talked about the e-commerce industry and outlined PayPal’s latest projects for Latin American developers.

For those working in e-commerce, LeBlanc’s name is one to know. He’s an expert engineer in software and design, boasting 14 years of experience in the industry. LeBlanc has authored various publications on programming and has contributed to several open source projects. At PayPal, he helps to build tools to improve and fortify the platform.

At the event PayPal & PulsoSocial Dev Meetup: E-Commerce in México, LeBlanc touched on the greatest challenges faced by the e-commerce industry today. He also referred to the blurring lines of commerce, explaining, “There’s no new division against these offline and online methodologies. They’re completely blurring through everything that we’re doing, all the development that we’re doing.”

He moved on to mention another major trend – data:

With a lot of the startups that I’m working with nowadays, they don’t sell products in the traditional way – they sell data. So, we’re seeing a mass industry shift towards people aggregating data from everything that they’re doing on a regular basis and utilizing that anonymous data in order to provide value for companies.

The result of this data gathering is a move towards increased personalization and identity awareness online:

Everything that we’re doing online is no longer flat – it’s completely personalized to our experiences. All this data that’s coming from these realms, all these buying habits that we have as we’re going online, all give us these great mechanisms to personalize.

LeBlanc went on to lay out PayPal’s latest projects in Mexico, which have been built specifically to meet the needs of the country’s developers. He announced the implementation of a new API to simplify development work in the e-commerce realm. See developers’ reactions to the announcement here.

Check out LeBlanc’s lecture in its entirety in the video below: