Wayra Argentina Announces New Batch of Startups, Three MercadoLibre Picks Included

Following its April call for applications, Wayra Argentina has welcomed a new set of nine startups into its halls.

With this new generation, Wayra Argentina has selected a total of 27 projects for acceleration. It has already invested more than AR$14 million pesos in cash and support to help digital startups in the country grow their businesses and scale internationally.

Andrés Saborido, Country Manager of Wayra Argentina, presented the startups:

It’s very satisfying to have the best entrepreneurs in this new acceleration cycle in Argentina. Over the months to come, we’ll work together to accelerate these companies in Argentina and the world. Because that’s the spirit Wayra was born with, a spirit of transformation and improvement that aims to empower entrepreneurs.

Wayra supports each startup with a US$50,000 investment as well as services such as coaching, mentoring, training and legal assessment, among others. Moreover, the teams will work out of Wayra’s Buenos Aires offices, where they’ll be able to access all of the tools they need to develop their ideas and grow.

The nine startups about to start the Wayra Argentina acceleration process are:

1.    Acámica

Acámica is an educational platform that offers a learning experience that is interactive, social and applied. Content is provided by independent experts, universities, businesses and other certifying bodies. The platform includes in-house training and employment generation options for users. We met the company back in June.


2.    Interviu Me

Out of the Argentine province of Córdoba, Interviu Me is an online platform that conducts automated video interviews to select and hire talent in a way that is intelligent, fast and inexpensive. The tool is ideal for companies that publish job openings online, HR firms, call centers, SMEs and private recruiters. A web-based platform, Interviu Me utilizes Amazon Web Services.


3.    MobAppCreator

MobAppCreator is a solution to create, edit and manage native applications for smartphones and tablets. It’s a nice alternative in the current market, where the timelines and costs involved in native app development for top platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) are significant barriers for many.


4.    Mr Presta

Mr Presta provides financing for small businesses that sell products on MercadoLibre. It’s designed to meet the needs of sellers who, while prosperous, are marginalized by traditional sources of credit reserved for larger companies. MercadoLibre is a co-investor in the startup.


5.    Nubimetrix

Also a MercadoLibre co-investment pick, Nubimetrix is a business intelligence and analytics platform based in the cloud. It processes high volumes of data and creates visualizations to help e-commerce sellers make better decisions. Nubimetrix was founded in the Argentine province of Jujuy.


6.    Parsimotion

The third MercadoLibre co-investment of the group, Parsimotion is a cloud-based ERP for the supply chain. Though most small businesses have some sort of accounting system, many still use spreadsheets for supply chain management. Parsimotion replaces spreadsheets with a set of specific applications based in the cloud.


7.    uSound

Also out of Jujuy, uSound is an innovative technology that turns smartphones into digital hearing aids. The startup aims to promote the social integration of the hearing impaired by offering a cost-friendly solution via mobile devices.


8.    WebCentrix

WebCentrix is a customer-service-focused CRM tool that helps companies organize communications through all channels, including Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and the web. It also allows for response follow-up. Based in Córdoba.


9.    Redguru

Launched at Red Innova New York last year, Redguru is a talent-connecting platform for the tech sector. It makes job openings go viral and highlights the culture of each company advertising. It also allows users to implement and manage referrals in the cloud.


This text has been adapted and translated into English by Emily Stewart from its original Spanish publication