Ruta N and NXTP Labs Launch Intensive Pre-Acceleration Program for Entrepreneurs

In the world of entrepreneurship, the execution of ideas is key. The ability to identify truly innovative business models behind those ideas is also essential.

This is what makes the acceleration process so important. Accelerators support startups in achieving sustainable growth, helping them to reach greater levels of maturity in the development and implementation of their ideas and related models.

The pre-acceleration program created by Ruta N in conjunction with Argentine accelerator and early-stage investor NXTP Labs will support startups in developing their ideas and business models. It will help startups to identify scalable technology-based models, find the right tools to improve their chances of success, and build a functional prototype for market validation.

The program has been conceived as an intensive two-month process. It will include three in-person sessions of training and mentoring as well as seven weeks of full-time distance work. Participants will also receive five consulting sessions for their projects. Between 20 and 30 teams will be selected. The Ruta N communication outlines the initiative:

The program will give entrepreneurs the tools they need to identify new business models, improve their chances at success and build functional prototypes to validate their markets.

At the end of the process, each team must deliver a business model canvas following the lean startup model. The startups will present at the Ruta N Demo Day, during which NXTP Labs will select at least one company to receive US$25,000 and take part in its acceleration program.

Among the professionals who will mentor the program participants are Gonzalo Costa and Marta Cruz of NXTP, Francis Petty of GroovinAds and Federico Jack, an angel investor.

At least one founding member of each team must have the technical knowledge necessary to develop the product, and another needs to have commercial know-how and marketing experience in a related rubric. See the full list of requirements here.

Those interested have until August 16th to complete the online application form.

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This text has been adapted and translated into English by Emily Stewart from its original Spanish publication