Against the Grain: Brazilian E-Commerce Startup Flexy Heads to Chile

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We’re all familiar with the formula: Get entrepreneurs from Argentina, build the business in Chile, attack the market in Brazil. But rules are made to be broken, and that’s exactly what Brazilian e-commerce startup Flexy is doing in taking its startup to Chile.

Officially launched in 2013 and based in Florianópolis, Flexy Digital Business specializes in electronic commerce solutions for businesses small and large.  Its founders, Cristian Chaussard, Marlon Hemkemaier and Juárez Beltrãu, boast more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce and digital business. They have joined forces on this new endeavor in hopes of leveraging their know-how and viewpoints to create an indispensable product for e-commerce retailers throughout Latin America.

Not only does the platform provide software, but it also boasts features like server management, security mechanisms, logistics ERP integrations and continuous updates. The company utilizes flexible multilayer technology to build intelligent, customized solutions for businesses in a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to health and beauty, automotives, electronics and travel.

Enter Chile

After just a few months of full-fledged operations in Brazil, Flexy has brought its product to the Chilean market. Rodrigo Lora has been hired as the company’s sales representative in Santiago, where he will connect with Chilean businesses to bring them the multi-interface solutions developed by Flexy.

The global e-commerce market being addressed by Flexy is certainly a sizeable one, but why focus on Chile? Chaussard, who now heads expansion efforts at Flexy, explained, “E-commerce is a reality that Chilean businesses, which are highly dynamic, cannot ignore. It’s a complementary tool for physical stores, adding value to the brand, increasing customer loyalty and presenting a new form of interaction with consumers.”

He also addressed the socio-political aspects of the decision, “We started to invest in Chile because the country has a stable market and solid political and economic conditions, unlike other Latin American countries. Chile also participates in the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA). Retail is very strong in Chile – stronger than the industry itself. Flexy recognized the opportunity.”

Cristiano Chaussard, Director of Expansion at Flexy.
Cristiano Chaussard, Director of Expansion at Flexy.

Flexy will offer Chilean companies three different versions of its platform, as it does in Brazil. It has an beginners’ option for e-commerce novices, an intermediate option for those looking for a more robust and secure e-commerce solution than the one they’re already using, and a third, advanced package that is completely adapted to the client’s needs.

And so far, Flexy’s started off strong in its new market. Chaussard remarked, “The experience has been very positive. We observed a great opportunity in Chile, a mature market with skilled labor to develop advanced e-commerce technologies. And although the market is developed, there are still very few competitors.”

Moving forward, Flexy has no plans to stop with Chile. It will soon continue its internationalization strategy and enter into Argentina and Peru, again going against the grain of the path Latin American startups typically take. Chaussard concluded, “We want to position Flexy as a leading technology platform in Brazil and Latin America.”