e.Bricks Digital Early Stage Leads First GuiaBolso Investment Round

GuiaBolso, an online finance management tool based in Brazil, has closed its first investment deal. The leader of the round: e.Bricks Digital Early Stage, the US$100 million Grupo RBS fund launched earlier this year.

U.S.-based Valor Capital and six angel investors also participated in the round, the amount of which has not been revealed.

Founded by Benjamin Gleason and Thiago Lobato Alvarez, both former McKinsey consultants, GuiaBolso helps Brazilians improve their financial lives. Its system is visual, straight-forward and simple, rendering it a valuable tool for families and individuals all over the country.

The GuiaBolso platform assesses each user’s specific situation, in turn providing personalized suggestions and plans of action. It also facilitates continued management and monitoring, thus helping users to avoid going into debt and leading to the adoption of better money management practices overall. The startup claims to help users reduce their monthly expenses up to 10%.


For e.Bricks, the investment marks an opportunity to get involved in a promising market by way of a strong business model and stellar team. Pedro Sirotsky Melzer, Managing Director at e.Bricks Digital Early Stage, explained:

We see in GuiaBolso entrepreneurs with a strong history in the market and the ability to bring innovation to the personal finance sector. Moreover, we believe that the company, through its tool for the improvement of family budget management, can generate value in the financial service chain.

GuiaBolso’s Benjamin Gleason echoed that enthusiasm:

We already have a solid team of developers and economists, who render GuiaBolso a complete, easy-to-use tool for users. This investment will make it possible to go even further, with the creation of new functionalities.

e.Bricks Digital Early Stage is, as its name suggests, aimed at startups in the initial stages of growth located in the the United States and Brazil. GuiaBolso joins Juv&You, ZoeMob and Rock Content in the e.Bricks Digital Early Stage portfolio.