TOTVS Ventures Invests in 21212 Alum ZeroPaper

The 21212 formula seems to be working. The Brazil-based accelerator has just announced that one of its startups – ZeroPaper – has been pegged for investment by TOTVS Ventures.

This marks TOTVS Ventures’ third investment in recent months. The fund commenced operations at the start of the year with the backing of Last month, it revealed its first deal outside of Brazil, leading the Series D round for GoodData.

With this ZeroPaper deal, TOTVS Ventures will join 21212 and angel investor Maratea Participações in backing the company. It will also acquire a minority stake. Neither the exact amount of the investment nor the percentage acquired has been revealed.

ZeroPaper an Up-and-Comer in Software

ZeroPaper sound familiar? It should. Not only has the startup passed through the halls of 21212 (a graduate of its second class), but it also made the top 20 of this year’s PS10, our annual list of Latin America’s best startups.

Out of Brasília, the ZeroPaper team has created a tool to help small business owners manage and simplify their operations. The ZeroPaper financial management software provides users with a real-time visualization of their businesses’ financial outlay, allowing them to plan actions, generate reports and emit invoices. It also provides educational support and allows clients to compare common expenses in similar markets and companies.

The ZeroPaper team – Carlos Braga, Árley Moura, André Macedo and Cadu Carvalho – at 21212.

ZeroPaper began operating just six months ago, and by the looks of it, the company’s business model is on track. It already has a base of 45,000 users and is growing at a rate of 200 to 300 users per day. Its market: 27 million potential clients.

André Macedo, CEO of ZeroPaper, outlined the draw of the software:

Most of our audience controls their finances on paper or using spreadsheets, and we can’t forget those who employ absolutely no form of financial tracking. By offering simple solutions, we hope to create a large base of clients generating business opportunities.

Alexandre Dinkelmann, CFO and Executive Vice President at TOTVS, said that the fund’s support will go beyond capital:

TOTVS Ventures will enable the acceleration of ZeroPaper, which operates in a market with low maturity in terms of software penetration. With our boost, the startup will gain even more customers, generating an important network effect and helping to train many entrepreneurs in the use of its technology. By increasing its clients’ chances for success, ZeroPaper reinforces the business management software market, in which TOTVS is a leader in Latin America.

Learn more about ZeroPaper in the video below: