Emotion.me Takes the Cake at First DEMO Conference in Brazil

After two action-packed days, DEMO’s first Brazilian edition has come to a close. The presentations and keynote speeches are over, and the pitches are done. And yesterday afternoon, the winning projects were revealed.

A total of 56 projects took part in the DEMO Brasil contest – 39 startups in the Demonstrators category and 17 students as part of the Alpha Pitch competition.

In the Alpha Pitch category, Daniel Assuane of Marília, São Paulo came out on top with his project, Babysaver.

And in the Demonstrators category, six startups were named – five selected by the judges, and one picked out by the audience. Here’s how the competition shook out:

First Place: Emotion.me

emotionme2Out of Rio de Janeiro, Emotion.me is a one-stop-shop for weddings in Brazil. The tool helps couples with the entire wedding planning process, from budgeting to contracting and setting up a website for the big day, and it has social integration features as well. Emotion.me launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco last year.

Second Place: Chegue.Lá

One of four startups recently selected for acceleration by Wayra in Brazil, Chegue.Lá integrates bus schedules, fares and itineraries all over Brazil. Through the platform, users may also purchase tickets online.

Third Place: CARGOBR

Based in São Paulo, CARGOBR is a logistics marketplace that connects transportation professionals and companies with clients in need of shipping solutions. CARGOBR recently completed Aceleratech’s first acceleration program.

Fourth Place: Descubra o Mundo

As its name suggests, Descubra o Mundo helps people discover the world. With a focus on international education opportunities and exchange programs, it connects students and professionals with organizations and institutions from around the globe.

Fifth Place: Hello Universe

Another recent Wayra pick, Hello Universe is an online system that connects users with qualified, area-specific interpreters 24 hours a day at an accessible price. The platform is currently in beta mode.

Sixth Place (Audience Favorite): Bizut

Out of Rio de Janeiro, Bizut is a social network for young people and students starting out their careers. It connects users with relevant career information and opportunities.

The winning projects were awarded a wide array of prizes – including trips to the United States to participate in other events and programs. Consult the full list of rewards here.