Snap, Push, Collect: Social Sales App ProductGram Prepares to Launch

Come Friday, 18 startups will take the Red Innova Buenos Aires stage and pitch their products as part of the 4th NXTP Labs Demo Day. Among the companies presenting will be ProductGram, a new app that aims to change the way we buy and sell online.

With ProductGram, small businesses and individuals can sell products online in a fast, social and easy way. The app works in just three simple steps:

Snap: Take a picture of the product(s).

Push: Drop the picture in the ProductGram store, and set a price.

Collect: Once a sale is made, collect payment.

ProductGram has been designed for the millions of people who buy and sell products online every day – and for those who don’t yet do so but will. Not only is it useful for individual sellers (the average U.S. household has over 50 unused items worth US$3,100), but it also fits the needs of small retailers and artisans looking for a new way to get their products out there online.


The Instagram-inspired app accomplishes what Instagram doesn’t – it puts money into users’ pockets. And it does so in a way that isn’t as tedious and time-consuming as most online retail platforms. Nicolás Bayerque, ProductGram’s CEO, elaborated:

We did research, and we found out that selling online has been stressful for most users. The process of setting up an account, loading a product and finally making a sale has always been too demanding for someone who just has one or two items to sell. It normally ends up giving them raw deals. We are solving that with ProductGram.

The ProductGram app has yet to go live – it is expected to do so in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the startup is taking names, encouraging users to register with the app and create their user names ahead of time. You can reserve your ProductGram name here.

Among the testers who have tried the app, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Bayerque remarked:

Most of the people who tried it said it dramatically improved their experiences in online selling and loved the results, which proved engaging and appealing for their products. The three simple steps do not require rocket science to accomplish, and, therefore, anyone can sell at any time, socialize, have return customers and keep their reputation growing. Simply put, it is fun shopping, yes, and fun selling, too.

ProductGram was founded by Bayerque alongside Pablo Orlando. The startup will graduate from NXTP Labs later this week and has previously completed the Interplay program as well. The next step: launch.

Disclosure: Andrés Barreto, founder of PulsoSocial, is a ProductGram investor.