DemoDay Wayra Brasil 2013: Startups from Brazil, Argentina, Chile & Venezuela on the Menu

It’s demo season for Brazil’s accelerators, and this week, Wayra’s up. On Wednesday, June 19th, the Brazilian division of the Telefonica organization will host the latest edition of its startup showcase in São Paulo.

The event will take place at the Wayra Brasil headquarters, with Carlos Pessoa, who heads the accelerator, starting off the day. Evernote CEO Phil Libin will deliver the session’s keynote address, the day coming to an end with a lunch and cocktail hour for networking.

And, of course, the main attraction will be the demos themselves. Ten Wayra startups will take the stage:

FilaExpress (Brazil): A virtual wait management system for establishments like restaurants and bars.

aaTag (Brazil): A network that turns the exchange of personal information into a fast and fun experience by rendering real things clickable on mobile devices.

AgentPiggy (Chile): A platform that teaches children the basics of personal finances and banking. The startup also made this year’s PS10.

Spotwish (Brazil): A location-based mobile system that connects users and provides recommendations for nearby activities, businesses and events.

Professores de Plantão (Brazil): A network that connects students with private tutors and instructors.

RockBee (Brazil): A system for organizing and managing events and ticket sales. (Brazil): A collaborative news agency that combines crowdsourcing and mobile platforms to produce real-time updates.

SocialTools (Argentina): A social platform that helps brands get the most out of their fan pages by way of applications for contests, content and social feeds.

TRIXandTRAX (Venezuela): A social game for online video through which players share, watch and compete.

Qranio (Brazil): A gamification platform that challenges users with quizzes to accumulate points and win prizes.

DemoDay Wayra Brasil 2013 is less than 48 hours away. If you’re in the São Paulo area, you can register to attend here.

Otherwise, you can follow the event on Twitter, with the hashtag #DDWayraBrasil.