Helpin Embarks on Joint Venture to Bring Europe’s IMO24h to Brazil

Brazilian startup Helpin has announced a joint venture with Europe’s Grupo Onebiz. Helpin will now operate locally under the umbrella of IMO24h.

IMO24h is a Onebiz entity that functions as an intermediary between consumers and service providers in construction and real estate. It boasts an extensive network of construction professionals as well as a number of franchises throughout Europe.

In Brazil, IMO24h will serve as an agency for construction and renovations, serving clients through both physical stores and online services. Consumers may elect to hire suppliers and contractors directly, or they may opt for IMO24h to take care of the work, acting as an intermediary.

Pedro Santos (Onebiz), António Godinho (Onebiz), Roberto Fermino (Helpin), Rui Santos (IMO24h) and Paulo Trindade (IMO24h).
Pedro Santos (Onebiz), António Godinho (Onebiz), Roberto Fermino (Helpin), Rui Santos (IMO24h) and Paulo Trindade (IMO24h).

In partnering with Helpin, Grupo Onebiz hopes to position IMO24h as the leader of its sector in Brazil within a relatively short period of time. The IMO24h network of European franchises and professionals will reach Brazil, giving it an immediate boost. Move rover, the company’s roll-out will be able to leverage Helpin’s pre-existing web services and technologies.

Roberto Fermino, who founded Helpin, said that the investment that accompanies the joint venture deal – the amount of which has not been revealed – will cover two years of operations and expansion:

Helpin’s existing technology will be migrated to complement IMO24h’s commercial franchise strategy, guaranteeing the necessary support.

Looking ahead, IMO24h will start the search for individuals interested in opening franchises in Brazil. The company will set up a stand at the ABF Expo 2013.

Work on IMO24h in Brazil is just getting started, but things seem to already be up and running. Check out the website here.