New Interface, Improved Social Imprint: Catching Up with #PS10 Winner KienVe

KienVe, the winner of this year’s PS10, is continuing its way to the top of the heap in social television in Latin America.

The startup has introduced a completely new interface with a greater social imprint as part of its expansion.

“We are negotiating alliances and commercial contracts in Peru, Colombia and Mexico. In Chile, we’ve received more than 75,000 downloads since our February 18th launch and are experiencing a significant recurrence of users,” said Gabriel Roizner, CEO of KienVe.

Among the improvements made to the app is a renewed interface with new social functions to interact with the KienVe users. It also boasts a follow feature (like Twitter), a user ranking (determined by points accumulated through various actions in the app), a private messaging system and a program schedule.

“It is now easier to navigate through your favorite television shows – popular program rankings, programs in four-hour time windows per channel, and a general guide of the television offers of incorporated channels,” Roizner explained.

Many social improvements to the application have also been made. Now, it’s possible to see user profiles, activity timelines (check-ins, comments, etc.) and comment before, during and after a program or show.

These updates build upon previous features.

“Check-in – the application captures TV audio (like Shazam) from integrated channels to verify what channel the viewer is watching. Shazam, however, utilizes a static base of music. What we do is in real time with channels and commercials integrated with the app,” Roizner pointed out.

Interactive advertising campaigns remain a central feature of KienVe. Advertisers may schedule commercials on integrated channels, and at the moment the user checks in with a specific commercial, a special interactive offer may be generated – a discount coupon or a prize. Thus, advertisers gain information from these interactive campaigns and users understand when and where to check in.

Other important aspects of KienVe are the trivia, polls and videos selected especially for users. “So that viewers don’t miss any of their favorite TV shows, we integrate the most relevant, quality videos from different sources with each program. Users can go back in time and watch some or all of the episodes they’ve missed,” Roizner noted.

When users check in with a program, trivia questions and polls are generated through which they may earn points and participate in prizes and drawings.

This text has been adapted and translated into English by Emily Stewart from its original Spanish publication