Yeeply Helps Companies Respond to Increasingly Mobile Market

The skyrocketing global smartphone market has rendered mobile apps vital tools for businesses to reach consumers. Yeeply, a platform that connects developers and clients, was born to connect companies with those who can help them address their mobile needs.

 Nowadays, it is increasingly necessary for companies to develop mobile apps for their products and services and invest in mobile marketing strategies as well. App developers are in high demand – and, thus, hard to find. Yeeply eases the situation, helping companies find developers to execute their mobile projects.

Yeeply is an externalization platform for all types of mobile projects. Businesses that need to develop mobile applications are able to connect with freelancers with the necessary know-how and experience to do the job.

How It Works

Clients publish their mobile app projects on the Yeeply platform. Developers, in turn, submit bids, the client then selecting the proposal of its choice. Once the decision has been made, development begins.

In order to guarantee that clients receive quality products, Yeeply implements various control mechanisms to monitor the process. Thus, customers are guaranteed ad-hoc mobile apps that meet their specific expectations.


Based in Valencia, Yeeply is a Spanish startup. However, it has proven quite popular in Latin America.

Of the 1,750 registered Yeeply users, 25% are Latin American. Yeeply told us that its platform currently includes around 400 Latin American developers and between 25 and 30 regional app development projects.

Yeeply represents an excellent opportunity for developers and companies in Latin America alike.

This text has been adapted and translated into English by Emily Stewart from its original Spanish publication