Argentina to Reach 9.8 Million Fixed and Mobile Connections by 2017

The Cisco Broadband 2.0 Barometer, conducted by the IDC, highlights the value of connection infrastructures in the development of countries. It recently announced its findings in Argentina corresponding to the second semester of 2012.

The penetration of fixed broadband connections reached 14.3% of the population, meaning 49.3% of homes. Broadband 2.0 connections continued to expand as well, with about 3.1 million connections. This implies a 7.5% penetration.

In the arena of fixed connections, xDSL continues to dominate the market, growing 3.5% last semester. Nevertheless, cable connections represent more than 30% of fixed connections in Argentina, growing 5.9%. In absolute terms, 135,000 cable accesses and 119,000 xDSL accesses were added during the second half of last year.

The mobile connections segment had been growing steadily; however, its numbers, most recently, have declined.  The explanation? The termination of ISP promotional activities and increased user preference for smartphones. Despite this, the number of mobile subscriptions in Argentina remains above 1.2 million.

Speed is a challenge for Argentina. Average speed grew by 113 Kpbs in the second semester of 2012, totaling 213 for the year. This increase is largely the result of ISP promotions that offer faster speeds for the same price.

In 2017, Argentina is expected to reach 9.8 connections, fixed and mobile. Within that total, mobile will represent 16.5%. Broadband 2.0 is expected to account for 74.6% of fixed connections.

This text has been adapted and translated by Emily Stewart from its original Spanish publication