Sinimanes Joins NXTP Labs, New Markets and Mobile App Ahead

Online food delivery startup Sinimanes is now gracing the halls of NXTP Labs, having been selected by the Buenos Aires accelerator to join its latest batch of companies.

Founded in June of 2011 by Ignacio Guglielmetti, Hernán Manzitti and Tomás Manzitti, Sinimanes is one of the more prominent competitors in Latin America’s online food delivery market.

Based in Argentina, Sinimanes works with over 1,000 establishments and 30,000 users. It has fielded more than 120,000 food orders to date, averaging 350 requests per month. The startup recently expanded into Chile, where it now boasts over 100 partnering restaurants and a 20% monthly growth rate.

The Sinimanes team has faced somewhat different challenges in building its business in the two separate markets. Buenos Aires has a much more atomized map of restaurants, while in Santiago, big food chains take a bigger share of the market. That said, delivery is very popular in both cities, and people are very familiar with delivery, including online,” explained Sinimanes co-founder Tomás Manzitti.

The time being spent with NXTP will help the startup to maneuver both markets. It does not, however, mark its first acceleration experience – the company previously participated in Start-Up Chile.

“The programs complement with each other,” said Manzitti. “While Startup Chile is a great program where you meet entrepreneurs from all around the world and generate a great network, NXTP Labs is the most important accelerator in Latin America. The mentorship and knowledge on key topics, like marketing, venture capital and legal issues, are great added value for the company.”

And added value is a must for staying ahead of the curve in the region’s online delivery market. The sector boasts a solid 12% annual growth rate, but it is also highly saturated – so much so that it’s nearly impossible to pick one startup that stands out.

So what sets Sinimanes apart?

“Our differentiator is being the best at every single area in the company. We care deeply about customer service, and we are always listening to what our users have to say,” Manzitti remarked. “We are constantly increasing awareness through new techniques of online marketing, and we also develop close partnerships with restaurants and food chains. We are always on top of their needs and counseling them in everything relating to the online market.”

Looking towards the completion of the NXTP program and beyond, the Sinimanes team has big plans for the year ahead. Manzitti told us that the startup will soon be expanding into Colombia and Peru. Following mobile trends, Sinimanes plans to launch a mobile app as well – something it estimates will increase orders by 20% each month.