IAB Spain & IAB Latam Sign Agreement to Propel Digital Investment

IAB Spain is the association that represents Spain’s digital sector, encompassing communications, advertising and marketing. The organization has signed a collaboration agreement with its Latin American counterpart, IAB Latam, with the objective of advancing digital business opportunities between Latin America and Spain.

Why the attention on Latin America? According to IAB’s data, US$1.6 billion were invested in digital advertising in the region in 2012. The countries that led the way in investments were Brazil with US$750 million, Mexico with US$370 million, and Argentina with US$260 million.

IAB Latam is Latin America’s principal digital advertising and communications community. It is composed of one integrated and nine national IAB organizations, encompassing 12 countries in total: Chile, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago (the latter four forming part of IAB Caribbean). The association aims to promote and develop the digital media industry in Latin America.

Who’s Who in Online Investments

Though traditional media leads penetration in Latin American populations, the internet is expanding at a fast clip:


-In Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Peru, over 50% of the population uses the internet, passing traditional media like newspapers and magazines.

Chile leads the region with a 64% internet penetration rate.

-According to data provided by IAB Chile on the country’s digital market, investments in online advertising in Chile reached US$105 million in 2012 – a 30.9% increase over 2011.

-By 2015, the internet will reach 60% of the region.

The Agreement

As a result of the intercontinental IAB agreement, IAB Spain’s members will receive five main benefits in expanding their businesses in the Latin American market:

  • The provision of space in the corresponding IAB office at minimum cost or free of charge for businesses interested in researching the local market.
  • Access to desired contacts in order to establish a trade agenda in the case that prolonged stays in the country are necessary or desired.
  • Exchange of information – studies, standards, white papers, etc. – on a monthly basis.
  • Portfolio of speakers at conferences and congresses.
  • Access to an annual forum organized to encourage the sharing of common experiences and projects and to strengthen commercial relationships among member businesses.

This text has been adapted and translated into English by Emily Stewart from its original Spanish publication.