Rock Content Announces Abril Participações Investment, Second Deal in Three Months

In March, Everwrite and TextCorner joined forces to create Rock Content. The startup embarked with a US$500,000 seed investment, its sights set on becoming a leader in Brazil’s content marketing space.

Three months later, things are certainly going well for the Rock Content team. The company announced this week that it has closed another round of funding, this time around from Abril Participações, the venture capital and M&A arm of Grupo Abril. Abril joins previous Rock investors Digital News Ventures, Napkn Ventures and e.Bricks Digital.

As part of the investment agreement, Victor Civita, board member of Abril S.A., will join the Rock Content advisory board.

“Civita’s experience running Grupo Abril will be very valuable to improving our services and media operations,” remarked Vitor Peçanha, who co-founded Rock Content and heads the company’s marketing efforts.

Victor Civita (center) with Diego Gomes (left) and Vitor Peçanha (right), co-founders of Rock Content.

Rock Content helps Brazilian businesses to refine their content marketing approach.

It analyzes the unique needs of all its clients, setting out customized and precise strategies for each. Rock then taps into its network of writers and bloggers to execute those strategies, producing results that engage consumers, increase traffic and generate leads.

At the moment, much of the Rock team’s focus is on refining its content-creation network. “Right now, we have more than 1,000 registered writers, but our main effort is to qualify them so they can create quality content for our clients, since their needs are more specific,” Peçanha explained. “For example, we’re writing about technology, infoproducts and e-commerce, and those are very specific. But we also have clients in tourism and personal finance, which are less specific.”

HotmartMeliuz and Guia da Semana are among the businesses that currently use Rock Content’s services.

The amount of this latest investment deal has not been revealed; however, the garnering of two rounds of funding in three months is a strong indicator of good things to come for Rock Content and its backers alike.