WeHostels Embarks in Brazil

By all indications, WeHostels is on the fast track to becoming one of Latin America’s biggest startup success stories. And it’s about to give it a go in one of the region’s toughest markets – Brazil.

Globo reports that the startup will commence its internationalization efforts in the highly-attractive Latin American market with the support of investors from eight different countries, including Quotidian Ventures, CAP Ventures and Ventech. It will assign local ambassadors to Brazil and commence targeted marketing campaigns in the country as well.


Founded in 2011, WeHostels is a mobile app that helps travelers find and book value accommodations around the world, thus creating a community that connects users on the go directly through their mobile devices.

WeHostels received a US$1.2 million seed investment to boost its initial operations. Within five weeks of the launch of its iPhone app, WeHostels was receiving upwards of 1,000 downloads per day in over 80 cities, shooting it into the top 20 travel apps in the App Store.

Diego Saez-Gil, who founded the company alongside Alex Torrenegra and now acts as its CEO, was selected as an Endeavor entrepreneur in 2012. He also made our list of entrepreneurs to watch in 2013.

Currently, WeHostels has over 40,000 establishments registered in more than 800 cities around the world. It has 100,000 users in the United States alone.

Roughly 500 Brazilian establishments are registered with WeHostels now, and its iPhone app is already available in Portuguese.