Huggies Taps Brazil to Test and Launch TweetPee Diaper App and Device

Brazilian parents will soon have a new way to utilize Twitter in an innovative, albeit less than glamorous, way. How, exactly? In managing their children’s dirty diapers.

Come July, Huggies will release a new app, TweetPee, in Brazil. The iPhone app has been designed to help parents keep track of the volume of diapers their children use. Moreover, it provides simple integration with online retailers to help with diaper purchases, thus including an element of e-commerce as well.

The general concept at heart seems quite practical. However, one aspect of its pre-launch phase is generating quite a stir.

Currently, four Brazilian households are testing out an accompanying TweetPee device that alerts parents when their children’s diapers are wet. The device clips on to the front of a child’s diaper and alerts parents when it detects moisture via tweet. Huggies hopes to add more testers, resulting in a total of 10 families, by July.


Since news of the TweetPee app emerged, Huggies has clarified that the accompanying detector is a concept device only to help showcase testers’ experiences with the app. In other words, these devices won’t be hitting the shelves in Brazil or elsewhere anytime soon.

Though the marketing tactics behind TweetPee’s Brazilian roll-out may cause a bit of a chuckle, the design of the app itself is noteworthy – as is the selection of Brazil for its launch.

Since opening its Brazilian offices in January, Twitter has been hard at work honing its Brazilian users and finding ways for brands to connect. Though much of the social network’s local strategy relies on SMEs, this Huggies endeavor is a clear indicator of the potential of big brands in the country as well.