15 Companies Pitch at Inaugural Endeavor Demo Day in Buenos Aires

Endeavor’s Argentine tour came to a close yesterday with the organization’s very first demo event.

In Buenos Aires neighborhood Puerto Madero, entrepreneurs and investors gathered for the Inaugural Endeavor Demo Day as well as a session on raising capital hosted by Greenberg Traurig. The event featured a mix of networking sessions, discussion panels and, of course, demos.

Fifteen companies from six accelerators and the Endeavor network pitched at the event. They were provided four minutes to sell their projects to the audience as well as a panel of judges, who then provided feedback.

Here’s who pitched:

Shopperception (Argentina, NXTP Labs)

Spotwish (Brazil, Wayra)

Femeninas (Argentina, 500 Startups)

ConectaGames (Uruguay, Endeavor)

MiCarga (Colombia, Torrenegra Labs)

LasPartes.com (Colombia, HubBOG)

Justcontract.me (Colombia, Socialatom Ventures)

Workana (Argentina, NXTP Labs)

Guimply (Brazil, Endeavor)

Mural.ly (Argentina, Endeavor)

Empreware (Argentina, 500 Startups)

The Fan Machine (Argentina, NXTP Labs)

Tappsi (Colombia, HubBOG)

GroovinAds (Argentina, NXTP Labs)

Tutorya (Colombia, Endeavor)

Though NXTP Labs officially presented four companies, it has actually invested in nine of the companies that presented. MiCarga and Femeninas, for example, are being accelerated by the organization right now.

One of the most interesting elements of the demo event was the feedback provided by the ad hoc panel of judges. Eric Acher, Francisco Alvarez-Demalde, Steve Dupree and Mike Hennessey gave each presenter thoughtful commentary on the strong points of their businesses and presentations as well as areas for improvement.

They asked entrepreneurs a series of questions, in a way preparing them for the capital-raising road ahead. What is the barrier for entry to your market? Why are you asking for the amount of money you’re asking for? How big can what you’re doing really be? Questions all entrepreneurs should keep in mind.