Peixe Urbano Continues to Consolidate Position as Brazil’s Local Commerce Leader

Brazil’s Peixe Urbano has continued to roll out the innovations during the first semester of 2013. Following last year’s launch of Peixe Urbano Delivery and Peixe Urbano Viagens, the company has released two more solutions to please both consumers and retailers alike.

The first is Guia, a guide with information on and photos of city establishments like restaurants, bars and beauty clinics. Users can pick up tips and recommendations on where to go and what to do in the city they’re in.

Guia represents an important step for Peixe Urbano in consolidating its position as the most complete local commerce platform in Brazil. Julio Vasconcellos, Co-founder and CEO of Peixe Urbano, elaborated:

We started Peixe Urbano with a group buying model, creating a strong incentive to get people out from in front of their computers and bring them to distinct establishments to get to know new services. Now, our mission is even more comprehensive. We believe that there are different tools that, like group buying, can help our users explore the best of each region. That in mind, we are gradually adding new tools to our platform, like Peixe Urbano Delivery and, now, Guia.

Guia is currently available in its Beta version for Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Over time, the product will be perfected and expanded, thus providing users with more complete information and businesses with a new channel for accessing customers.

Peixe Urbano, however, has not stopped there. Just a month after launching Guia, the company launched a new feature to help its sellers shine.

Manufacturers, retailers and brands can now boost their online sales with a new space that helps them to create exclusive showcases for their products and services. They can also access a differentiated media package that includes e-mail marketing and social media campaigns.

Each special showcase must be available to all Peixe Urbano users throughout Brazil for seven to 10 days. Brands may organize generalized campaigns to increase visibility and, in turn, sales, or they may launch theme-based campaigns – for example, specific product lines or holiday-related items.

Alexandre Ferraz, Director of Marketing at Peixe Urbano, explained the solution:

Peixe Urbano has roughly 20 million visits per month, over 20 million registered users and more than two million Facebook fans. With this new format, we want to utilize our reach to create an exclusive and effective marketing and sales channel for big national brands, bringing our users offers of higher quality and more variety.

These solutions are likely only the tip of the iceberg of what Peixe Urbano has in store for 2013. As for what lies ahead for the company, we’ll just have to wait and see.