TareasPlus Launches Aula for Teachers to Contribute Math & Science Content

TareasPlus, a startup dedicated to helping Spanish-speaking students learn math and science via online videos, has announced the launch of a new facet of its business – Aula TareasPlus.

Currently in its beta version, Aula TareasPlus is an educational exchange that allows students to connect with teachers from around the world to learn, practice their skills and test their knowledge. Educators are also able to upload original material to the Aula TareasPlus platform to share with global learners.

Based in San Francisco and with offices in Medellin, TareasPlus was founded as the Khan Academy of Latin America by Roberto Cuartas and Hernan Jaramillo. It has produced over 3,600 instructional videos to date, and its platform receives an average 70,000 visitors per day.

TareasPlus is available on the web and as a mobile app. In fact, its mobile version is positioned as one of the top 20 most-downloaded apps in Latin America.


Though TareasPlus’ primary focus is on students, it has turned its attention to teachers as well – hence the birth of Aula TareasPlus. Jaramillo explained:

Aula TareasPlus grew out of our own observations of the way digital natives learn, and also by teachers’ requests to make our platform and tools available to them. We’re excited that teachers and students alike will be able to benefit from the new educational exchange, which makes quality educational material readily available on a massive distribution platform so educators can replicate their teaching efforts on the highest possible scale.

With Aula TareasPlus, teachers create and upload their lessons using a simple, straight-forward platform. That content then becomes available to all students on the TareasPlus platform. Not only does the exchange foster learning, but it also features testing capabilities, progress tracking and social elements for a well-rounded experience on all sides.

The creation of this exchange system also comes as part of an effort to monetize the TareasPlus platform. For an annual fee, teachers will be able to use the platform to curate video playlists of content created by the startup and other users. Teachers may also be able to offer paid courses through the platform, TareasPlus receiving a commission on revenues.

The prospects of the startup are strong, and its track record indicates good things to come. Jaramillo told GigaOM that TareasPlus has proven popular in diverse audiences, pointing out that 40% of its users are between the ages of 35 and 65 even though it was initially designed for students ages 15 – 25.  And while a small number of the platform’s users are based in the United States – just 5% – he predicted that that number could double or triple soon.

With the launch of Aula TareasPlus, the company will further consolidate its position as a leader in STEM education online for the Spanish-speaking population.