Aetna Releases App to Help Travelers Find Health Care Solutions in Latin America

Aetna is giving travelers to Latin America an extra layer of safety. The U.S.-based company dedicated to diversified health care solutions has released a mobile application to help tourists find doctors, clinics and hospitals in its network in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The app features content in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and its multi-lingual directory has information from 30 different countries. It helps users find nearby doctors and hospitals and also provides information as to what to do before and after appointments. Users can also utilize the app to add appointments to their electronic calendars.

Eugene Marks, General Manager of the Americas at Aetna International, remarked:

We know that traveling or moving to a new country is stressful. Needing a doctor on top of adjusting to a new country can be especially stressful. Our goal is to make sure our global customers can easily find health care wherever they might be.

Aetna boasts a network of over 100,000 health care professionals outside of the United States. Besides Latin America and the Caribbean, it also has directory apps for Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Shanghai. Its Latin America Provider Directory mobile app is available for both iOS and Android.