Polymath Seed Fellows 2013: In Search of Professionals to Build Businesses in Colombia

Polymath is on the lookout for professionals to build businesses in the Latin American market with the Polymath Seed Fellows 2013 program.

The Colombia-based business incubator is in need of talented designers, ethnographers, engineers and business professionals to join teams and create companies in core industries essential to the country and region.

The Program

Team first, idea second. This is Polymath’s mantra. The organization selects teams of four to five individuals with experience and expertise in a specific field. Over a period of three months, teams work together to identify an unmet business need and build a company in response to it. At the end of the process, companies are expected to be prepared to receive seed investments.

Projects are focused on markets central to Latin America’s progress, such as education, preventative health, urban housing and rural productivity. Polymath encourages design thinking, lean startup and business methodologies in creating concepts and building solutions.

Medellin 2012

Polymath’s first seed process took place last year and was based out of Medellin, Colombia – a rising star in Latin American innovation. The organization assembled two teams of professionals from Colombia and abroad.

One of the teams focused on financial services, addressing issues such as access, confidence, comfort and understanding. They developed eight concepts for prototyping and eventually landed on Juntos. Juntos offers consumers savings and loans products as well as a network of informal financial advisors to sell and give advice.

The other team focused on transportation and urban mobility, eventually creating MiTaxi, a venture dedicated to rendering taxi services more secure. The solution includes a membership club that authenticates passengers and drivers as well as a driver screening feature to ensure safety.

Inscriptions Open for Round Two

Polymath is now accepting applications for individuals interested in forming teams for its next seed process, which is set to begin in August. Inscriptions will be open through May 5th.

Interested in participating? Learn more about the Polymath Seed Fellows 2013 program and how to apply here.