Axado Empresas: A Decision-Making Tool for Corporate Shipments in Brazil

Axado has launched a new product – Axado Empresas. Designed for businesses that need quotations for transportation and freight services frequently, Axado Empresas is a tool that helps company decision-makers choose quickly and wisely.

Founders of Axado, Guilherme Reitz and Leandro Baptista.

Founded in early 2011 by Guilherme Reitz and Leandro Baptista, Axado is dedicated to the development of innovative technologies that help consumers and businesses find and contract shipment services throughout Brazil. This latest product, Axado Empresas, is aimed at corporate clients.

With Axado Empresas, companies can compare rates and terms of available shipment services. They register with the site and log in to view comparisons. Once the desired information has been received, companies may choose to hire a service automatically online, thus saving time and cutting costs. Moreover, Axado Empresas allows businesses to monitor contracted services online, avoiding fraud and excess charges.

“This is a solution that, beyond bringing agility and security, significantly reduces time spent on pricing, hiring and monitoring transport services used by a company. Moreover, freight is registered in the cloud, which facilitates remote access with a simple login and password,” said Leandro Baptista, who now heads operations and commercial efforts at Axado.


Axado Empresas is one of many solutions created by Axado to facilitate activities in shipping and transportation. In January, the company embarked in a partnership with Maxistore to help Brazilian e-commerce businesses ship goods to consumers in Brazil.

Thanks to investments from entities such as Fundo Santa Catarina, Axado plans to develop several new products in the months to come. Its to-do list includes shipment calculation platforms for e-commerce, C2C and e-procurement portals.