Aceleratech Demo Day: Four New Locales, 150 More Startups on the Horizon

Aceleratech hosted its first Demo Day yesterday, where its 11 startups presented their projects to an audience of over 300 investors, mentors, journalists and entrepreneurs. But pitches, it turns out, weren’t the only thing on the menu.

New Partners, Lofty Goals

The announcement was made Arthur Regen has joined Aceleratech as a partner in the organization. Currently the head of Marc4 Brand & Trade, Regen previously worked for Banco Safra and J.P. Morgan. “It is an immense pleasure to join the wonderful team at Aceleratech, which is growing with ambitious plans in continuing the mentoring and acceleration process,” Regen remarked.

He certainly hit the mark about ambitious plans – Aceleratech also revealed yesterday that it will be commencing operations in four new Brazilian locales. The accelerator will open branches in Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre in partnership with ESPM. It will also head to Belo Horizonte and Recife with local partners.

All of this comes as part of Aceleratech’s overarching plan to accelerate 150 companies over the next three years.

“We want to become Brazil’s biggest accelerator within the next three years, and we are structuring the organization for that to happen as quickly as possible. Our goal is to accelerate around 50 startups per year,” said Mike Ajnsztajn, Founder of Aceleratech. “We are also going to increase our investment in companies to US$20,000 (R$40,000) per startup. You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Aceleratech is already in search of its next batch of startups to meet that 150-accelerated goal, and this time around, it’s looking for international and local businesses alike. Note that 30 of the companies to be accelerated by Aceleratech will be part of the Start-Up Brasil initiative.

Spotlight on the Startups

While many of the announcements made at yesterday’s Demo Day focused on the accelerator’s future development, the main attraction was, of course, the demo portion of the event.

Eleven companies presented:

Brasil by Bus, a place where tourists can plan and purchase tickets for bus travel around Brazil.

Cargobr, a marketplace for logistics solutions.

Cicloo, 2D and 3D lessons for indoor cycling and spinning.

Convenia, a platform where companies can find sector-specific corporate agreements and contracts.

gBolso, a personal finance management solution that helps users with budget planning and reaching their financial goals.

Mobb, an event-focused group messaging app that features a confirmation system, messaging capabilities, location sharing and other tools.

PhD Photo Dress, a tool through which dresses and shirts become ways for photography and artwork to hit the streets. Artists and photographers collaborate with images and earn royalties for sales.

Pontosec, information security solutions.

Timolico, a digital platform where users can customize and buy products online.

VaiVolta: A marketplace specialized in leasing through which companies can advertise their products and services.

Wiki4Fit: An intelligent entertainment system for gyms.

“This event marked our graduation, so to say. It is impressive to look back and see what has changed and how we have evolved. We are going to keep working at this same pace so that our company can develop even more,” said Rodrigo Palos, CEO of Cargobr.

Pedro Waengertner

Aceleratech’s Pedro Waengertner echoed, “For those who have accompanied these startups from the beginning, it is clear how much they’ve grown. Some arrived with a simple project and today are generating revenues and facing the possibility of investment. The results are fantastic.”

He continued, The objective of Demo Day is to bring startups closer to the market. However, our work doesn’t stop here. We will continue to search for investments from angel investors, investment funds and the entire ecosystem. We will keep working together to achieve our goals.”